How construction projects changed over centuries

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Construction technologies have always been evolving. The great wonders of the world are prime examples of technical capabilities of their respective times. As technologies evolve along with architectural trends over hundreds of years, a pattern in productivity can be observed.

As technology evolved, human labour could be utilized in more efficient ways. Projects of similar budgets and scale could now be made using fewer personnel and in a fraction of the time.


Ultra-fast construction projects such as the Mini Sky City – 57-storey building – built in 19 days and Sky City – proposed to be the tallest building in the world are being undertaken via prefabrication which involves powerful software tools for design and construction.

Though machines and mechanical automation have historically taken major burden of improving productivity, in recent years software has enabled a big chunk of productivity increase by process automation.

WorkPack automates the complete review and approval cycle of engineering drawings in construction projects, enabling faster execution with greater visibility.



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