How WorkPack helps in review and approval of engineering drawings

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Infrastructure projects are typically executed in 3 stages – Engineering, Construction and Procurement (EP&C).

The output of the engineering stage is a package of drawings, specifications, datasheets, bill of materials (BOM) etc. Based on this engineering package, material is procured and then used in subsequent construction.

Before the engineering package is handed over to procurement and construction teams, all the drawings and documents need to be reviewed and approved by different stakeholders. For larger projects, there are many different stakeholders – contractors, consultants, regulators, project owners, architects, suppliers etc.

Hence the engineering document and drawing review process becomes complex with many touchpoints.

In absence of a central communication and document management platform, all drawings are circulated via email, printed, marked-up and then emailed back – quite a tedious and inefficient process.

WorkPack provides a platform to centralize this process using an online drawing editor. So a drawing can be submitted online, multiple stakeholders can then review and comment on it. When the review is completed it can be approved online as well.

Engineering project managers from different industries have leverage this WorkPack platform to streamline their drawing review and approval process.

Do you think WorkPack can help your team as well? Find out by creating a free account. Let us know in case you need any help or would like to schedule an online demo for your team.

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