Using many software tools can actually kill productivity of your team

Software is usually built for automation – to reduce repetitive manual efforts, increase efficiency and get things done faster. But sometimes usage of multiple software tools in same environment can be counterproductive as well.

Specifically in an enterprise setting, usage of many different software tools to run different processes can lead to reduced efficiency of doing things.

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What the Paris Climate summit means for the Energy Industry

Such a large scale united action at the international level is bound to have the largest impact on the energy industry. It is clear that the shift from non-renewable to renewable energy will gain major impulse from the summit. Since a large portion of the work to be done will be outsourced to corporations, the international checks guarantee that these corporations will have to adhere to strict rules and deadlines under their respective governments.

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How much do you trust your project team?

When we think of infrastructure projects, healthy relationships between project managers and EPC contractors are vital for the successful project execution. But recently a rather shocking statistic in KPMG for the Global Construction Survey, 2015, reported –

Less than one-third of the senior executives of major corporations had high trust in their contractors.
Over two-thirds of them identified poor contractor performance as the single biggest reason for the failure of projects.

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Construction Managers Vs Drawings

Construction managers don’t really fight engineering drawings (don’t let the title mislead you). But they often battle with problems arising from drawing or document management. Premat Solutions builds document management software for EPC projects. Solving a different range of document management related problems has given us insights into issues that our customers face, why they arise and how they can be prevented.

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Are frequent document revisions a headache?

In this whole process of E P and C, a subtle but important fact remains that the design is in a state of change till the final construction (as-built) is done. The engineering design evolves as a result of interaction of – engineers from different design faculties, procurement team, suppliers, project managers and construction team. Different stakeholders have their inputs to add resulting from their expertise.

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