Pressing Bottleneck for infra projects – A Few Good Men

KPMG recently came out with their annual global construction survey. One finding – although not very surprising – was an acute crunch of resources for the planning and project management. 45% of surveyed executives are worried about availability of planning and project management personnel. Limited availability of qualified and experienced professionals to manage projects is significantly hampering the project progress.

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How construction projects changed over centuries

Construction technologies have always been evolving. The great wonders of the world are prime examples of technical capabilities of their respective times. As technologies evolve along with architectural trends over hundreds of years, a pattern in productivity can be observed.

As technology evolved, human labour could be utilized in more efficient ways. Projects of similar budgets and scale could now be made using fewer personnel and in a fraction of the time.

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How much do you trust your project team?

When we think of infrastructure projects, healthy relationships between project managers and EPC contractors are vital for the successful project execution. But recently a rather shocking statistic in KPMG for the Global Construction Survey, 2015, reported –

Less than one-third of the senior executives of major corporations had high trust in their contractors.
Over two-thirds of them identified poor contractor performance as the single biggest reason for the failure of projects.

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Construction Managers Vs Drawings

Construction managers don’t really fight engineering drawings (don’t let the title mislead you). But they often battle with problems arising from drawing or document management. Premat Solutions builds document management software for EPC projects. Solving a different range of document management related problems has given us insights into issues that our customers face, why they arise and how they can be prevented.

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