Success Story – Mahindra Susten

WorkPack was customized and successfully rolled out in a few weeks resulting in following improvements for Mahindra Susten.

Site teams have faster and reliable access to engineering documents and drawings
Wider adoption resulting from a user friendly structure
Significantly reduced manual efforts due to automated workflows and progress tracking
Increased visibility into the review and approval of documents has helped with audits

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Using many software tools can actually kill productivity of your team

Software is usually built for automation – to reduce repetitive manual efforts, increase efficiency and get things done faster. But sometimes usage of multiple software tools in same environment can be counterproductive as well.

Specifically in an enterprise setting, usage of many different software tools to run different processes can lead to reduced efficiency of doing things.

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How much do you trust your project team?

When we think of infrastructure projects, healthy relationships between project managers and EPC contractors are vital for the successful project execution. But recently a rather shocking statistic in KPMG for the Global Construction Survey, 2015, reported –

Less than one-third of the senior executives of major corporations had high trust in their contractors.
Over two-thirds of them identified poor contractor performance as the single biggest reason for the failure of projects.

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