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Manage Project Schedule

  • Create and manage your construction projects in WorkPack.
  • Create project schedule and monitor actual progress against it.
  • WorkPack sends reminders to your team for important milestone deadlines.
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Manage Documents & Drawings

  • Sync all your engineering documents & drawings to a central repository.
  • Back-up all your files in real time.
  • Control access rights for project team members.
  • Review and approve drawings directly from a desktop app.
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Email Integration

  • Integrate your email accounts directly with WorkPack
  • All your outgoing communication can be directly sent from WorkPack
  • WorkPack tracks and links all the emails to project activities
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Project BOM & Cost Control

  • Copy your project BOQ / BOM directly to WorkPack
  • WorkPack tracks all purchase activities done against this BOQ
  • Monitor the actual costs Vs budgeted costs on your WorkPack dashboard
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Manage Procurement Process

  • Manage procurement documents in a predefined workflow
  • Track the quantities and costs of materials against BOQ quantity / cost
  • Review and approval process for important PO, Invoices etc.
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Construction Tracking

  • Connect your construction team with rest of the stakeholders with WorkPack mobile app
  • Site engineers share progress updates and labor, material data from site on daily basis
  • Upload issues and pictures from site using WorkPack mobile app
  • WorkPack puts all the tracking data in a customized report formats
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Online Comments & Mark-up

  • Put your design and construction teams on the same online platform
  • Enable online collaboration on drawings and documents
  • Make it easier to report and track issues from site
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Complete Visibility of Projects

  • Check the exact status of each project on WorkPack dashboard
  • Quickly identify items which need your immediate attention and focus on them
  • Keep your projects moving without any hiccups.
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Schedule Projects

Schedule your construction projects and track actual progress against it

Email Integration

Integrate your email accounts with WorkPack and manage project files and communication from a single window.

Construction Tracking

Regularly share progress updates for – work done, material used, labor force, quality issues, using WorkPack app.


Documents & Drawings

Directly sync all document & drawings between design team and site team.

BOM & Cost Control

Copy your BOQ / BOM directly to WorkPack. It will track all procurement done against this BOQ.

Custom Reports

Customized report formats will make WorkPack the complete Business Information (BI) system for your projects.

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