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Project Management

Create Projects, Tasks and Teams. Connect with all project team members on one central platform. Collaborate on Engineering, Procurement & Construction activities. Get complete visibility of project work and progress on your dashboard.

Planning & Scheduling

Create the Gantt chart for your project using WorkPack scheduling module. WorkPack schedule goes a step further than traditional scheduling tools and enable you to define thumb rules to set up target dates for document approval, material delivery, payments etc. in addition to standard task start / end dates.

WorkPack schedules for tasks is communicated to the whole project team to ensure complete awareness.

Project Templates for Estimation

WorkPack allows project managers and administrators to create standard project templates for various types of projects. For any particular project type, set of standard tasks constitutes a template. Template helps the project team in quick estimation of activities and also to quickly get started on a new project.

Document Management

Manage all your engineering documents & drawings from a central repository. Control access rights for project team members. Configure standard workflows for review, comments and approval of documents. When documents move through these workflows, progress is tracked and reported on dashboard

Procurement & Material Tracking

Plan and manage material procurement activities from WorkPack dashboard. Set up workflows for procurement processed such as – RFQ, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Bid Evaluation, GRN etc. Measure progress of each activity along with material details such as – quantity, cost, material codes etc. Monitor procurement in terms of progress and costs from dashboard.

Progress & Cost Monitoring

WorkPack measures the progress of – drawing review & approval, material procurement, material delivery and construction activities. All these progress measurements and updates are consolidated to a single report to present a clear picture of how a project is being run. 

Actual progress of tasks is compared with the planned schedule to measure project health. In case of delayed tasks, respective stakeholders are alerted immediately.


Project team members can record the details of their work using WorkPack’s weekly timesheets. Budgeted manhours for various activities can be defined in advance and actually spent manhours can be monitored against that.

WorkPack’s timesheets can also be integrated with the document management folder to track actual time spent on creating those documents and drawings.

Multiple Platforms for Access

Engineering & Project Teams can access WorkPack from their workstations in the engineering office using a windows based desktop app, where they can directly work on documents & drawings. Teams on site or shop floor can use the mobile app to access WorkPack and report progress data on daily basis. Construction managers at the site office can monitor the overall progress from their dashboard on the web version of WorkPack.