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Upload & Manage Documents

Manage all your engineering documents & drawings from a central repository. Control access rights for project team members. Configure standard workflows for review, comments and approval of documents. When documents move through these workflows, progress is tracked and reported on dashboard.

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Email Integration

Integrate your email accounts directly with WorkPack, so that all your outgoing emails for documents, drawings and transmittals can be directly sent from WorkPack where it is also tracked and linked to engineering and project activities.

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Online Comments & Mark-up

Share document and drawing files with your project team members, clients, sub-consultants or contractors. They can open the shared drawings in WorkPack’s online drawing editor to make comments or red line mark-up on the shared files. These recipients do not need additional WorkPack licenses or drawing editor software to open and comment on shared files.

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Review & Approval Workflow

Review and approval workflow for different types of documents and drawings can be defined with WorkPack’s workflow engine. Corresponding documents are then channeled through these predefined workflow and progress is tracked correspondingly, depending on status of those files.

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Progress & Approval Tracking

WorkPack dashboard gives you a graphical progress indicators for all the engineering documents and drawings that you are working on. Different milestones in the review and approval process are colored in green to indicate progress and in red to highlight delays.

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Audit Trail

WorkPack tracks all actions such as – upload, sending, comments, approval etc. taken on all project documents and drawings. All these actions are reported along with dates and corresponding users in a comprehensive ‘Activity Log’, representing an audit trail.

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Integrate with Shared Drive

Install WorkPack Desktop App (for Windows) on your local machines and connect WorkPack database to the shared drive in your office. With the desktop based app you can then directly open the documents and drawings from WorkPack on your local machine to edit and save them, without going through uploading.

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Mobile App

Use the WorkPack mobile app to access important documents and drawings from your server even when you are away for meetings or site visits. Upload pictures and data from site and also save drawings on your device for offline viewing when you travel to remote area sites.

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Engineering Design Consultants who use WorkPack –

Upload & Manage Documents

Enable your team to upload and maintain their documents against project deliverable list in WorkPack.

Connect from Desktop

Use WorkPack’s desktop based app to directly connect to shared drive and work on document files.

Online Comments & Mark-up

WorkPack’s online drawing editor enables red line mark-up and comments on documents & drawings.

Mobile App

Use WorkPack mobile app to access documents & drawings when traveling for meetings, site visits.

Email Integration

Integrate your email account with WorkPack to directly select and send documents from your own email.

Progress Tracking

Track progress on different documents / drawings within projects, from WorkPack dashboard

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Sign up for a free version of WorkPack. You get the basic features to get started, with maximum 5 users and unlimited projects. In case you would like a demo, get in touch.

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