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Renewage Cleantech is an organization providing rooftop Solar EPC Services for distributed energy market, utility energy business. Renewage specializes in –

  • providing turnkey solutions for rooftop solar EPC (for residential and industrial space)
  • Consulting for solar parks and captive solar projects
  • Financing solutions for utility based solar PV projects (Debt & Equity)
  • Innovative and cost effective solar thermal solutions for Steam Generation, dry air generation and cooking solutions.
10 kW rooftop project by Renewage Cleantech

Renewage Cleantech team identified certain challenges in project execution, communication, progress monitoring and financial visibility. WorkPack was then proposed and identified as a solution to mitigate those challenges.


  • Renewage team executes many small scale and some large scale rooftop power projects at a given time. It is a challenge to consistently track the progress of multiple projects going on at different locations.
  • Since project schedules are stringent, owners and managers spend considerable amount of time to visit site and closely monitor project progress.
  • For multiple projects, tracking the allocated budget Vs actual costs is challenging and very time consuming.
  • Project related communication mainly takes place over email, whatsapp and phone. Linking the communication to actual project schedule or budget requires duplication of efforts.


‘WorkPack’ is an integrated project and document management system designed and developed for engineering & construction projects. WorkPack features offered a ready solution to all aforementioned challenges for Renewage Team.

  • A very light web based and android based software suitable to be accessed from the solar power plant sites
  • A user friendly software and interface which is easy to adopt
  • Accessible from mobile devices and tablets
  • Integration of engineering, procurement and construction process
  • Automated progress tracking, extensive progress & budget reports
  • Project specific communication centralized on WorkPack
  • Workflows configured to suit Renewage Team’s established work practices

“WorkPack provides a central platform to manage Engineering, Procurement and Construction for solar rooftop projects. Visibility and ease of use is excellent. We are happy to recommend it to other solar rooftop installers.”

– Chintan Valia, Founder & Director, Renewage

Project Templates and Schedules

WorkPack’s consulting team spent good amount of time with Renewage to understand their work practices. Based on the established practices, templates for project task list, schedules and workflows were configured for quick and easy project creation.

PO Generation and Coordination with vendors

A standard format for BOQ was configured for all rooftop solar projects at Renewage. BOQ in this format is then generated by engineering and further used by purchase team to generate POs on WorkPack. Further they send these POs to vendors directly to identified vendors.

Coordination with Construction Team

Technical drawings prepared by engineers are directly sent to construction and projects team from WorkPack. Users visiting site view these drawings directly from mobile or tablet devices. They frequently use the offline mode in case of low connectivity on site.

Construction team also sends construction related progress updates from their mobile apps.

Automated follow up and progress tracking

Tasks and activities of a project are assigned to different members of the project team from WorkPack. Further follow-up with these task owners is automated and they receive notifications and alerts as per the project schedule for tasks assigned to them.

Dashboard and other reports

Renewage management relies on WorkPack dashboard for quick insights into how their different projects are progressing. A graphical and interactive roadmap charts enables users to quickly find out project status and possible bottlenecks if any. Other progress and budget related reports give a detailed picture of project health in terms of schedule and costs.


Renewage team has successfully utilized WorkPack to –

  • Streamline communication on a central platform
  • Minimize the time lost in tracking progress and status of numerous simultaneous projects
  • Identify and mitigate potential bottlenecks before severe impact on project health
  • Maintain complete visibility and traceability of all project tasks and documents.

Do you think WorkPack can also help your solar project team? Find out for yourself by creating a free account.

Let us know if you need any help to set up the free account or if you would like to schedule a demo session for your team.

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